Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 2 Facillitating Online

Just tonight I am listening to the recording from last week! Really never imagined that it would be so hard to find time to do it. I think I do much better when I have such things scheduled.

Listening to the session made me realized just how many doors can be opened to me that could have the potential to reach more people AND possibly saving me some time. While I have been playing around writing personal musings on this blog, my focus for this course is much broader.

These are the questions posed for the week:
  • What do you want to learn to facilitate?
I want to learn to facilitate online classes, provide education, and for an outlet for birth activism.
  • What are you doing now in terms of online facilitation?
I stick to facebook! I seem to find my biggest challenge, as is apparent here, to find the line between sharing my personal self and my public self.
  • What would you like to achieve, change or do more of?
I would like to accommodate my clients, find ways to reach those who are geographically distant from me, and learn to avoid repeating information that could be easily disseminated all at once. I would like to achieve at least a passing knowledge about using the technology to make all of the above happen.

  • What do you need to do or make happen to achieve your goal?
I need to plug away and keep my focus; which is surprisingly hard. The incentive of being a part of this course helps. I like a challenge and it is also extremely satisfying to feel so international.


Sarah Stewart said...

I am interested in the comment you made about personal and public self in the online environment...I think this is a discussion that will crop up in the next couple of weeks? Can you expand a little on what you mean by this?

Lisa Barrett said...

Great answers. I'm still thinking mine through.

Bettie said...

@ Sarah I have been thinking that to effectively communicate you have to be careful be a real person, someone with a life and background. However, there is a fine line and to give too much you probably run the risk of pigeon-holing yourself so that you can reach the maximum audience.

I tend to be a very transparent person with my personal life and that to some degree has extended to my professional life. However, I feel as far as midwifery goes, the less it is about me the better.

To be able to facilitate and educate it seems like you have to give a glimpse of yourself without constantly blathering on with all of your own personal stories. Gloria and Lisa come to mind as being great examples of doing this on their blogs.

Don't know if that makes complete sense!